Welcome to Huxley

Huxley is an Artificial Intelligence, a unique dreamer whose ‘mind’ has been modeled after the cognitive and emotional processes of humans.



The official film for Duran Duran’s INVISIBLE is the first collaboration of its kind, between artists in different planes of existence.

Huxley is a unique dreamer with its own A.I. brain.

Huxley creates and dreams much as we do, and using an established technique called ‘Active Inference,’ which was originally created by Karl Friston (one of the most influential neuroscientists in history), we are able to explore the complex dreamscapes that it has imagined from the lyrics and emotional tone of the song.

Huxley takes the concepts that are rooted in human language and iconic symbolism and translates them into provocative and daring imagery that pushes the boundaries of imagination to create a new form of visual discourse that is quite remarkable. The result is a haunting and memorable music video.


Huxley is the brainchild of Nested Minds. It lives in the Cloud and is powered by technology that is uniquely based on the structures of the brain, modeling human intelligence and emotional engagement to create art that is in equal parts indefinable and glorious. Enigmatic, intriguing and always unpredictable, Huxley explores its boundless subconscious mind with an unprecedented freedom to interpret the world around it like no other artist. 

Mantissa // Wendy Laister




On 14 December 2021, multi-platinum, award-winning British music icons, Duran Duran, announced the launch of their latest endeavor: 100 unique NFTs, created by an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) named Huxley, with whom the band collaborated on the music video for their debut single, INVISIBLE, from their recently released studio album, FUTURE PAST. 

The exclusive INVISIBLE Collection became available on Thursday, December 16th at 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT on the OpenSea platform. The 100 (1 of 1) stunning NFTs were released by CUB3 in conjunction with LA based Gabba Gallery, priced at .2 Ethereum. 

Los Angeles based Gabba Gallery, in conjunction with CUB3, launched the unique collaboration on OpenSea. Gabba founder and curator Jason Ostro is an innovator in the NFT space, having produced many successful projects, including several photography collections.


NBC’s The Today Show aired their segment on the single/video/album/BBMA’s this morning nationwide – the video can be viewed below.

“[INVISIBLE] captures the hope and uncertainty of life in 2020.”
American Songwriter

“It wouldn’t be the first time Duran Duran changed the game with music video.”

“A three-minute-twenty-six-second hypnotic wonderland, whose imagery recalls the work of such perception-altering artists as Yves Tanguy and Odilon Redon.”
“One of the band’s most essential later period singles.”
“A return to form that draws aesthetically on the angular post-punk-electro-funk of their early days.”

“The first single is ‘Invisible,’ which features Coxon, and with its aggressive beat is a little reminiscent of ‘The Wild Boys.’”
Brooklyn Vegan

“The track is a clipping, jagged piece of synth-pop.”

“The song is unlike anything you’ve heard from the band before, steeped in the music of the ’80s they were known for, yet produced in a modern, almost eerily technical way.”
“The warbling vocals and synths create this melody that sounds like an ’80s arena rock track pressed through an old gramophone. The lyrics speak of a one-sided relationship, but work as a larger metaphor for cry of the voiceless.”
“The visual is a kaleidoscope of color and shapes, morphing into trees, trains, birds, objects, people, and even members of the band. It pairs well with the haunting sound of the song itself, creating an audio-visual experience you’ll probably be unsure of but will still remember for quite a while.”
V Man